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Robin J Johnson Firstly a special acknowledgement and a very big thank you to my wonderful wife for her love, encouragement, support and her invaluable contribution to this edition. Though this prayer initiative has its emphasis on men, they are not our sole focus. In reality we want to support and interact with both men… Read More

Robin J Johnson You must be wondering why I have been silent since the beginning of this year. Firstly, I never want to write just for the sake of an article. Secondly, I have found myself continuing to be challenged about how we pray, what we pray and the motivation to pray. As I shared… Read More

Robin J Johnson As I think about and we enter the New Year there are three particular words that have come to mind. There are, of course, many words that are significant and others not so much. Words are powerful whether spoken positively or negatively. Words can and will have an impact. Therefore, let me… Read More

I am sure that we all have some understanding of the importance of unity and the power that there is when people stand united. A simple, successful and long practiced military strategy is ‘divide and conquer’. Therefore, the opposite must be true. Stand united to counteract and withstand the attack of the enemy. History is… Read More

Robin J Johnson Two years ago when the Lord challenged me to raise men to pray I had an acute sense that we needed a strong concerted effort in prayer; firstly for the preaching of the Good News throughout the nations and secondly because I had a strong impression that we were about to experience… Read More

  "Prayer is not a way to get God to do what you want. Prayer is a way for you to become an instrument for God to do what he wants." Derek Prince Positioned for Success is a seminar to help men rise up to become the men that the Father has destined them to… Read More

Robin J Johnson   For the second time in a month the world’s attention has focused on Sydney, Australia. Two separate, but very sad and tragic events have taken place. Firstly the untimely and sad death of the young Australian cricket player Phillip Hughes in the middle of a game at the Sydney Cricket Ground… Read More

Robin J Johnson.   What do we do when it seems that our prayer is not answered in the way we believe it should be? Many, many years ago I was praying about a particular situation and I was becoming more and more frustrated, as it felt that heaven was closed and God was just… Read More

Robin J Johnson  The longer I serve the Lord the more I become convinced that prayer is the foundation and absolute necessity from which all our Christian activities must be launched. The apostle Paul puts it aptly as brought out through The Message Translation. Since prayer is at the bottom of all this,….. 1 Timothy… Read More

Robin J Johnson Men by nature are warriors and the warrior in man needs to be channelled into the areas of spiritual warfare. A warrior filled with wisdom ascends into the high place and releases regional breakthrough, bringing down the strongholds of the mighty. Proverbs 21:22 (The Passion Translation) We need to see men praying… Read More

I want to be counted among a million praying men!